Yes. The TAPWallet works in conjunction with software running on most popular computers (Windows/Mac) and smartphones (iOS/Android). It is used to securely store and access private keys that provide access to coin wallets.


For security, each card is formatted for a single account/wallet address.
There is no limit to the number of accounts. A single card is required for each.
Cards are available directly from our online store.

Power & Batteries

The device does not have to be 'plugged in' for operation. However, its onboard battery needs to be recharged from time to time.
A rechargeable battery is included and will, in regular use, last for several weeks. Charging can be carried out in a matter of hours when connected to a computer or with a standard 5V USB charger.

Privacy & Security

TAPWallet and cards use secure smartcard technology that has been well tested and trusted by the banking industry and government institutions. Both the Wallet and cards are protected with PIN and biometrics.
No, registration is optional. However, it does help us keep in touch with you and notify you of new features when available.
Because keys are stored on cards rather than the device itself, nothing will be lost if the device is lost or stolen provided you still have the cards in your possession. In addition, you can backup each card to one ore more duplicates for safekeeping.
Each card is protected with a PIN of your choosing. If lost or stolen, the keys are still secure. In addition, any card can be duplicated using the Wallet for safekeeping.
The TAPWallet does not require storage of a 'recovery seed' - which is a weak link of other 'hard' wallets.

Product Information

The TAPWallet device is just a little larger than a standard credit/debit card, but considerably thicker.
Included in the box is the device, smartcard and charging/connection cable - all you need to get started.
Yes. The device is small and light enough to be easily carried, but not so small as to be easily lost or misplaced.

Currencies & Soft Wallets

At launch, the TAPWallet can store Bitcoin, Ether, Dash and Litecoin, with more to follow.
We're working on integrating the Wallet with several of the leading online wallet solutions, and will have our own available also.


A variety of cases will be available in a range of colors and materials. Several mounting options will also be available.

Pricing & Availability

TAPWallet is currently in design and development. Our goal is to fulfil production pre-orders in Q2 2022.
The MSRP is US$199. However, pre-orders are significantly discounted to reward early customers.
Make sure you don't miss out, and pre-order yours now!

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